Nautilus and Media Partners Come Together for an Evening to Inspire a Sustainable Future

Media’s role in driving public awareness and support for environmental and climate issues has never been more evident. Through storytelling, the plight of a localized community, species, or cause anywhere in the world can quickly gain global awareness. That awareness, and the action it inspires, is essential to protecting the natural world.

In that spirit, through a collaborative effort with WaterBear and 5 Media, Nautilus is co-hosting a celebratory event showcasing an array of climate-conscious media. The event will take place on Dec 14th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Rubin Museum of Art.

One of the event co-hosts, 5 Media, is an impact media foundation using storytelling and community engagement to collectively build a sustainable future. 

WaterBear, also co-hosting, is a completely free and first-of-its-kind streaming platform dedicated to showcasing award-winning documentaries, short films, and series with an emphasis on organizations dedicated to combating climate issues.

During this event, three unique projects will be featured. The first project to be screened is “Extract. Destroy. Repeat.” (10 Minutes), a fantastical animated short following a fictional character confronted with the brutal reality of his employer’s effect on ocean ecosystems during his induction day. 

Directly following is “The Black Mermaid” (9 minutes), a short documentary that tells the story of South African free diver Zandile Ndhlovum while exploring a history of complicated relationships between Black communities and water. 

Closing the evening with a focus on the importance of species diversity to our ecosystems, a  documentary series, Every Living Thing (31 minutes), highlights keystone species with episodes dedicated to whales, bees, and jaguars.

Following the screening of these sustainability-inspired film projects, will be a reception on the Museum Main Level. Guests can also stop by the front desk to purchase the book OCEAN: Exploring the Marine World–a 352-page visual celebration of humans’ relationship with the marine world published by Nautilus’ partner, Phaidon at a members-only discount.

This celebratory event will take place at the Rubin Museum of Art (150 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14th.

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