one5c hires Corinne Iozzio as editor-in-chief

Following Fragment Media Group’s acquisition of one5c, the climate publication has hired Corinne Iozzio to be its editor-in-chief.

Iozzio is an award-winning science and tech journalist who’s ready to aim her skills and experience at combating the climate emergency. “I’m a realist and an optimist. I accept that humanity has done substantial damage to the planet, but I don’t accept that the damage is irreparable,” Iozzio said.

‘What sets one5c apart in the vast and growing world of climate journalism is that it doesn’t belabor the problem’

That hope is central to why Iozzio has joined one5c. “The idea that we have not yet hit the point of no return is baked right into one5c’s name, and that’s the climate outlook the media is largely missing right now.”

“What sets one5c apart in the vast and growing world of climate journalism is that it doesn’t belabor the problem. If you’re here, alive, and awake, it’s virtually impossible to be ignorant of shrinking shorelines, tainted water, methane-belching landfills, and the countless other signs and signals of environmental catastrophe. Faced with all this, one5c exists as the ‘yes, and.’ It’s focused on identifying the solutions that can have a meaningful impact.”

These tangible steps are a central component of Iozzio’s goals as editor-in-chief. “I want one5c to be the destination for living a climate-conscious existence. That means building a community of readers committed to taking meaningful steps to mitigate climate change, and showing them what works—and what doesn’t.”

Iozzio’s hire combines with Fragment Media Group’s broader efforts to combat the climate crisis from within the digital media industry. Last month, it was announced that Joe Brown would serve as Fragment Media Group’s VP, Climate, in addition to continuing as publisher of one5c

After working together at Popular Science, Iozzio reunites with Brown, rekindling the duo’s long-running editorial partnership. Brown is confident that Iozzio’s leadership will help one5c be even higher-impact.

“Corinne is one of the best science and tech journalists in the country; good thing, because that’s the kind of editorial leadership it takes to save the world,” he said.

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