Nautilus Ocean and Jungles Jungles make waves with new limited-edition apparel collection

“No Species is an Island”: Nautilus Ocean and Jungles Jungles release a limited-edition apparel collection benefiting 30×30 and Ocean conservation.

Nautilus Ocean, the newly launched initiative from Nautilus magazine, the New York-based online and print literary science magazine, has partnered with Australian surf-inspired streetwear brand Jungles Jungles, to release an apparel collaboration benefiting the 30 by 30 initiative—a global effort to protect 30% of our Oceans by 2030. 

Facilitated by Los Angeles-based culture and lifestyle agency Big House, the partnership between Nautilus and Jungles Jungles aims to bring Nautilus’ mission of scientific discovery and conservation through the doors of some iconic pillars of the fashion community.

We were immediately drawn to Jungles as a partner for this collaboration because of its ability to weave storytelling into fashion,” Fragment Media Group Publisher David Flynn said. 

The new apparel line will feature unique ocean imagery from the Schmidt Ocean Institute—a non-profit foundation established to catalyze sharing of information about the Oceans and advance oceanographic research, discovery, and knowledge. 

“Schmidt Ocean Institute is delighted to be a part of this creative collaboration, which brings the ocean to a broader audience in a fun way and also benefits the planet,” said executive director Dr. Jyotika Virmani.

‘The ocean is a magnificent place with amazing life and landforms, and this is a wonderful opportunity to share our images to inspire the public in a substantive way through fashion.’

Dr. Jyotika Virmani, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Schmidt Ocean Institute

Proceeds from the collection will go to charities and organizations focused on 30×30, a worldwide initiative for governments to designate 30% of Earth’s land and ocean area as protected areas by 2030. The target was proposed by a 2019 article in Science “A Global Deal for Nature”, highlighting the need for expanded nature conservation efforts to mitigate climate change

The collaboration also includes quotes from Nautilus interviews with Roger Payne—a legendary biologist and environmentalist renowned for having discovered and recorded humpback whale songs in 1967. His album, Songs of the Humpback Whale, remains the best selling environmental album in history. 

“Like Nautilus, Jungles sees each release as part of a larger story, and brings those stories to life through visually arresting graphics, poetic language, and a general sense of artistry that we admire, and seek to do ourselves through our publication,” Flynn said.

Nautilus Ocean follows Nautilus’s mission to weave ocean science, ocean research, exploration and conservation into broad conversations that challenge, illuminate, and educate. Online and in print, Nautilus Ocean engages the public, government, NGOs, and corporations in one of the most important issues confronting the planet today through storytelling. Retailers across the world will be carrying the collection, spreading Nautilus’ scientific mission.

Nautilus wants to bring the breathtaking wonder of our ocean and its health deeper into popular culture through fashion,” John Steele, Publisher and Founder of Nautilus, said.

Post-punk trio Automatic wore the merchandise on the promotional tour for their new album, Excess, on they prod listeners to face the climate change that’s arrived and still coming.

“It’s best to take the idea that there is hope, and that there’s something that we can do, until the last minute,” said bassist and vocalist Halle Saxon. 

Izzy Glaudini, Halle Saxon, and Lola Dompé of Automatic wearing Nautilus Ocean/Jungles limited edition apparel collaboration in support of ocean conservation.

Players on the team Vermont Green FC donned the merchandise as well in a new promotional campaign. Vermont Green FC is a soccer club in the United Soccer League (USL) built on principles of sustainability and social justice. 

“Our club exists to advance environmental justice as the means to cultivate positive relationships with nature and each other,” Keil Corey, Vermont Green FC’s Chief Purpose Officer said. “We are honored to participate in this crucial effort with Nautilus, Jungles, and the Schmidt Ocean Institute to protect our oceans.”

Nautilus is currently offering a subscription bundle, where new members can receive a discounted item from the collection as part of an annual subscription. All Nautilus members are eligible for 50% off of any item from the collection. See the full collection here

Nautilus’ proceeds from this collaboration will go towards NautilusThink, a 501(c)(3) non profit arm of Nautilus magazine. NautilusThink promotes science, education, and the literary arts to expand public knowledge and understanding of fundamental questions of scientific inquiry and their connection to human culture.  Through the creation of print, electronic, and visual media of the highest quality and depth, including Nautilus magazine, NautilusThink seeks to connect science to our everyday lives and explore the frontiers of scientific, mathematical, and philosophical inquiry and the human spirit. NautilusThink will distribute proceeds through its ‘Ocean Fund’ to charities and organizations focused on 30×30.

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