Clarion Media Announces Rebrand To Fragment Media Group

New Name Reflects Focus on Underserved Audiences and Exceptional Membership Experiences

Clarion Media Group, which includes The Daily Dot and Nautilus, today announced a rebrand, and is now named Fragment Media Group. The rebrand reflects the company’s growth and continued focus on underserved audiences. The growth of Fragment’s brands has been driven aggressively in recent years by an unmatched focus on membership experiences defined by intentional content that engages the passions and curiosity of niche audiences. 

Fragment achieved 50% year-over-year revenue growth in 2020, and over 100% revenue growth in 2021. Each month Fragment brands reach over 25 million readers. The Daily Dot, known for years as the “hometown newspaper of the world wide web” continues with its founding mission to cover internet culture, while Nautilus seeks to connect readers with the wonder, romance and humanity of science. Combined, these brands have built a community of nearly 30 million people on social media channels alone. 

“We’re thrilled to roll out the new brand today. We believe in the member media model because we’ve proven that it can be a growth engine when you relentlessly focus on the member experience,” said Nicholas White, CEO and Founder of Fragment. “The Fragment brand speaks directly to the underserved audiences and passionate niches that are often overlooked, despite their abundance of passion and world-changing potential. Combining vibrant communities with a member media model is the best path forward for digital media business, for journalism, and for the broader polity as a whole. That’s the key to our growth, our reason for being, and it’s what motivates our team every day.”

Fragment continues to accelerate growth in 2022, with multiple significant developments and announcements expected from each of its brands in the coming months. Upon the acquisition of Nautilus in 2019, the company announced a significant investment in technology to enhance the experience across all of its publications and sites. That led to a seven-fold increase in membership, the launch of the all-new Nautilus site, and the launch of multiple dedicated Channels on Nautilus, including a formal partnership with UNESCO to support the Ocean Decade, with much more to come. The Daily Dot has continued to break new ground reporting on internet culture, including a recent partnership with ESPN to highlight the way people of color are using the internet to change the broader culture. It will soon launch a member model of its own.

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About Fragment Media Group

Fragment Media Group is a pioneer of the member media model. Our brands, including the Daily Dot and Nautilus, identify underserved audiences and provide them with the intentional content that readers seek out—to read, watch, listen to, and experience live. Intentional content leads our readers to intentional action in their personal, cultural, and political lives, and also with the brands they embrace and support.

Founded in 2020, Fragment Media Group is led by CEO, Nicholas White, and based in Austin, Texas. 

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