The internet was built to connect people. But it seems to be doing a pretty lousy job these days.

Our goal at Fragment is to swim against this tide, offering rigorous journalism and authentic connection to our communities – the extremely online, the science enthusiasts, the budding creators – that have been so poorly served by both the existing social networks and news media.

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Science Connected.

The greatest minds, the most important voices, the biggest questions in science today. All in one place.

News for the Terminally Online.

The definitive source for internet culture, from people even more obsessive than you are.

The Creator’s Guide to the Creator Economy.

How to create great content, build your audience, and make more money. From the best journalists in the business.

You are going to save the world.

The current environmental crisis will dictate the rest of humanity’s story. Drink in the good news — humans have all the skills we need to mend what we’ve broken.


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